Last update: February 20, 2013

Introduction of Tools and Middleware License for "PlayStation®3"

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) introduces a Tools and Middleware License Program for "PlayStation®3" as a part of SCEI's technical support activities to the game title developers for providing a wide range of enhanced tools and middleware*. Under this license program, licensees will be entitled to 1) access to development environment and technical information of "PlayStation®3" which is the same as development environment and technical information that licensed game title developers have access to, 2) develop tools and/or middleware to be used in the game title development for "PlayStation®3", and 3) directly provide licensed game title developers with such tools and/or middleware.

Please note that SCE will perform a thorough investigation of every application, and a license will only be granted upon passing of this thorough investigation.

Distribution of the tools and/or middleware products is limited to licensed "PlayStation®3" game title developers and tools and middleware licensees only, and sales and product support will be the responsibility of the "PlayStation®3" tools and middleware licensees. SCE provides the OS and standard development environment as a part of "PlayStation®3" format for licensed game title developers. The license agreement shall not impair any right of either party to develop, manufacture and sell products including those which are competitive with those offered by the other party.

For application to this license program, please send us the following form. SCE will contact you after careful examination of the information.

[ Application Form ]

*Tools and Middleware - Software consisting of development environment for game title developers or software modules to be incorporated in game titles.

*Development and publishing of game titles and/or hardware products such as peripherals are not included in this license program.